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The Difference In Signs And

Their Advertising Values

Signs are more than words on a board, they're an invitation to buy your product or services.These three layouts use the same wording but their advertising values are greatly different.




This simple layout is quite readable andis typical of most amateur signs. It really fails as an effective ad tool and makes the business appear they are trying to get by too cheaply. This type of sign usually only attracts the type customers that are looking for 'something-for-nothing' car deals. If you want your business to make a statement of professionalism and want to attract clients with a larger budget, this sign doesn't even come close.

This one offers a better use of ad space and would be an appropriate sign for a start-up company with a tight budget. The more creative design with the panel reversed and outlined letters on the main title gives the impression of a more established business that is willing to invest in their advertising campaign. Cost difference to upgrade to this type sign is only a few dollars in the extra design and production time and is well worth the difference in price.

This is for the client that wants to reach a better class of customers. The use of the pictorial enhances the appeal of this layout and the color combinations make this an advertising piece anyone would be proud to have representing their business. The same amount of materials are used in all three examples but the difference in appearance and advertising values are worth the small increase in the cost of this version of the sign.

Advertising doesn't cost,,, It PAYS! It pays by increasing your sales potential and higher profits.

If advertising wasn't worth the time and efforts, why do companies spend millions of dollars for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl or World Series. A typical 4' by 8' sign in the 'Intermediate' class costs around $350 not including installation charges and will last an average of 7 years, that amounts to $50 a year, $4.16 a month or 14 cents per day over the life of the sign! Yet there are business owners that will attempt to make their own sign to save a few cents a day and then spend hundreds of dollars on other forms of advertising like, $100 or more per month on Yellow Page ads that are not seen until someone looks it up in the phone book. Radio spot ads have their place and can help when an established business is having a sale but the initial costs are quite high and they are forgotten soon after the next song plays. Newspaper ads are great for immediate notice ads but unless you can afford to place a prominent ad weekly they are soon forgotten and are thrown out with the trash, while a sign is out there 24-7 seen by thousands of people daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all this advertisement can be had for only a few pennies per day.


If you're guilty of this type attitude towards your business promotions it is time to get off your advertising dollarand put it to work with a proper sign. And no one knows signs more than One Stop Printing and Signs.

A professional business image is an asset, and you cannot build that 'image' with a home-made or amateurish sign. When compared to other forms of advertising, a sign is the MOST economical media in which to promote your products and services. All other means of advertising has its place at certain times but if you do not have relevant signage to let the customer know who, what, and where you are, then all the other advertising is useless, money thrown away because you have no 'Business Image'. Your sign is usually the first impression you get to make on any prospective customer, and you owe it to the success of your business to have a sign that reflects what your business is all about. A one-time full-page newspaper advertisement will cost a lot more than a 4' x 8' sign, the newspaper ad will be seen by a lot of people one time and likely be forgotten by the time it goes out in the weekly garbage. A yellow page ad can help people find you and what you have, but it is only seen when people are looking specifically for YOUR type of business or service, lets be real, who reads the yellow pages for fun and entertainment, a quarter page ad will cost several thousand dollars over a short period of time. The same amount spent on signage will be seen by many more people, many more times for many more years!

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