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1.Can I install these LED lights myself?


Yes you can, LEDs are low voltage and can be installed with little to no experience.


2.Do I need any sign permits? Are they legal?


Usually they are not required in most areas.  No electrical permits needed because of low voltage.

Please check with  your local City Hall for more information.


3.What payment methods do you accept?


We use Paypal secure payment or Square for Visa, MasterCard  Discover, and American Express .Your order is safe and secure.


4.Does this product have a warranty?


Yes, all products have 1 yr warranty from purchase date.


5.Are these LED's waterproof?


Yes they are. Our modules have an IP rating of "67"


6.How much power do LED's consume?


This is determined by the linear footage. Per foot LED's use 1.44 watts of power.


7.How do I change the color of LED's?


Only the RGB modules allow you to change color, this is achieved only with RGB controller and modules.


8.What does "IP'' mean? 


IP stands for 'Ingress Protection'. An IP number is used to specify the environmental protection of enclosures around electronic equipment. These ratings are determined by specific tests. 67 is protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.


11.What is a LED? 


A 'Light Emitting Diode(LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when electrical current passes thru it.


12.How long will LEDs last?


LED's last up to 8 times longer than CFL and Incandescent lamps and you can expect at least 30,000 hours of use from your LED modules.



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